4 Hospitality Businesses Nailing Instagram

Apr 11, 2021

Today marks a very exciting day for hospitality brands in England, as Covid restrictions are eased by the Government. Pubs, restaurants and cafes can offer outdoor dining to customers for the first time in 2021.

Many businesses have been working tirelessly to open new beer gardens, dining experiences and alfresco offerings ready to attract customers back safely this Spring.

Social media offers the ideal opportunity for hospitality businesses to update customers on any changes and new features, to showcase and build excitement around their food and drink.

Not every hospitality business can reopen just yet though, and so many have creatively offered takeaway and ‘cook at home’ options during lockdowns to continue to serve customers their favourite dishes.

In this blog we look at 4 hospitality businesses who nailing Instagram, using the tool to generate buzz and awareness of their services.


1. The Crabtree, London

The iconic Crabtree pub sits on the bank of the Thames in Fulham and boasts a wonderful beer garden. The pub has been counting down the days until reopening with continuous high quality, inviting photography of the garden in the sunshine.

Each Instagram post shows a different view of the garden, featuring safely distanced furniture, classic dishes, cocktails and pints and ice buckets filled with wine. They are letting the images do the talking here!

Captions feature very clear information on what time they reopen, how to book, and details such as walk-ins accepted. They also add a well-researched selection of hashtags to every post including #bestbeergarden #beergarden #beergardeninlondon and #instagarden. These hashtags are due to be heavily researching between April and May as punters research venues with suitable spaces.

Social Media Prize

2. The Oast House, Manchester

Another great selection of photography clearly displaying the size of the outdoor area reopening today. The Instagram feed looks eye-catching, appealing and organised. The latest posts clearly explain the safety information and point customers to where they can find out more information about Covid policies, book tables and information about walk-ins. There is also an Instagram Story Highlight labelled FAQs which shows questions most commonly asked via Instagram and the answers.

The post which caught our eye though is the limited-edition cup “My first pint in 2021” which is available to customers who purchase a Madri Exceptional.

Social Media Prize

3. Rick Stein Restaurants

Although the chain of seafood restaurants will be reopening outdoor areas today in various seaside locations in the south of England, it’s the ‘Steins at Home’ offering that has been most impressive during lockdown.

‘Steins at Home’ offer customers the chance to cook their own seafood favourites, with beautifully branded, ‘grammable boxes, and QR code links through to YouTube videos of Chef Jack Stein demonstrating the step by step instructions.

These boxes have led to a huge amount of customer posts and Stories featuring finished plates of the meals – which have of course been reshared religiously by the team running Instagram. A fantastic way to showcase just how many happy customers you have!

Social Media Prize

4. Hawksmoor

Finally, the beef and seafood specialists Hawksmoor. During the pandemic, the brand launched a nationwide delivery service offering a selection of tasty cuts and ready to heat roast dinners. The photography has been extremely high quality, and most importantly it has stayed consistent and true to the Hawksmoor brand. A dark room, wooden charcuterie boards, filled to the brim with appetising cuts of meat and huge side orders. Not to mention the wine and cocktails in shot!

Hawksmoor was one of the most organised of the hospitality brands we follow – offering customers plenty of time to get their orders in for key events such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. We are sure they will continue to see success for the months ahead.

Social Media Prize

Looking for fresh ideas?

If you are a hospitality business looking for fresh ideas and inspiration to promote your reopening or takeaway message in social media, take a look at our upcoming workshops here.

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