Social media advertising is a fantastic way to reach customers. It’s cost-effective, engaging and can be highly targeted.

It’s also a competitive space, which requires brands to think creatively about how they can reach and engage audiences. In this blog post, we look at five great advertising campaigns and why they are so effective.

1. Calm – Best Creative

We love this simplicity of this video install ad by meditation app Calm. As a circle counts down, users are challenged to ‘do nothing for 15 seconds’. The ad introduces a momentary pause into the busyness of the audiences’ Twitter feeds. In doing so, it perfectly demonstrates how the Calm app works, and why users need it.

This is a simple but fantastic creative which has generated a high level of engagement.

2. Brita UK – Best Use of Influencers

Many businesses are getting involved with the plastic-free movement, and Brita are no exception. The brand recently launched #SwapForGood, which encourages customers to switch from bottled water to (Brita) filtered water. The campaign infuses influencers partnerships and traditional ads across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A variety of lifestyle influencers were asked to post a video or photo featuring a Brita product. So far, so standard. However, the brand went one step further, choosing to capitalise on the content by featuring it in their social ads. A series of carousels were created which used the Instagrammer’s photos to promote the products. This is a great example of how a brand can stretch content across platforms and formats.

3. Hoxton Hotel – Best Use of Format

We love Hoxton Hotel’s SHOREHOOD ad, which uses a simple but cheeky creative to promote a local discount. Aimed at Shoreditch residents, the campaign suggested tongue-in-cheek reasons to book a stay. The carousel format fits the concept perfectly, allowing the sales message to stay prominent.

4. Ace & Tate – Best Media Partnership

Optical brand Ace & Tate chose an interesting approach to support its new Bristol store. Instead of running awareness ads, the team partnered with local culture magazine Crack. The duo launched a series of video ads, which ran through the publication’s accounts. The clips featured local creatives influencer, who were well-known by the target audience. The influencers also supported the campaign via their own social channels.

The activity allowed Ace & Tate to gain a valuable stamp of approval from a respected local brand and individuals. It also enabled it to align with an arty, counter-culture crowd. This was a key tactic to help differentiate it from hipster-friendly competitor Ollie Quinn.

Post-launch, Ace & Tate returned to familiar tactics. Instagram carousels now promote product lines and the brand’s low-prices. Stories help highlight the store location and beautiful interiors. And the Crack partnership lives on, but the ads now run via the Ace & Tate account.

5. Virgin Active – Best use of Targetting

An oldie (but a goodie) from Virgin Active, who ran a recruitment campaign for engaged couples. Using interest targeting, it was able to reach people who had recently engaged with wedding-related brands. The ads encouraged people to sign up for a gym membership.

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