The Avocado Social Media Hub is a free Facebook Group that we run, designed for anyone who has been in one of our training sessions, seen us talk, or read our blogs. The Avocado Social Media Hub on Facebook The Avocado Social Media Hub is full of the latest social media updates, great examples, and case studies, as well as free support from us and the rest of the community. We also exclusively announce our latest live webinars, events, and talks in the Group first. We have a few rules which we’d like everyone to abide by:
  • Members are welcome to introduce themselves as they join the Group, telling everyone about their business or purpose for being in the group, with links.
  • If members are promotional, they can expect that their posts will be removed.
  • We do not allow promotional competitor content within the Group.
  • If members post non-social media related content more than once, they will be banned from the Group.
  • The conversations topics are strictly social media marketing only.
  • Job posts are welcome, as long as they are social media job roles.
We reserve the right to make these decisions. You can join the Hub for free here.