Snapchat is the latest social media network to take off and many brands are following suit. From fashion to food, some of the world’s biggest brands are using the video-messaging app to elevate their marketing efforts. Last week, Snapchat founder revealed they are receiving 8 billion video views per day on the platform. As a way to say thank you, Snapchat have been treating users and marketers alike, to exciting new features as their numbers continue to rise. So who is big on Snapchat and why? Take a look at some of the brands we think have succeeded below: Pepsi Max – Sponsored lenses Pepsi Max spread their love through engagement on Snapchat. The brand used the sponsored lenses feature in order to create the ‘Chelfie.’ The pop-up animation, available to users for 24 hours on February 14th, transformed selfies into cherry flavoured ads. Not stopping there, the drinks brand also created an interactive decal that pours the drink into the users mouth when directed by movement. Pepsi-Max   KFC – Geofilters Late last year, KFC collaborated with the video messaging app to create their own Geofilters – a feature that creates overlaying images tailored to the users’ location. Their campaign, spreading across 900 branches in the UK, led to the brand becoming the first in the UK to use the feature. KFC Dominos     Domino’s – Story Mode Domino’s tops our list for best launch on Snapchat with their ‘dough-to-door’ campaign. The pizza brand decided to use the story mode feature to create their alien invasion pizza delivery mystery available for users for up to 24 hours. Users were treated to a special online discount code revealed in a sequence of letters throughout the clip as a thank you for watching. We’ve noticed a very strong connection between the food industry and Snapchat – with fashion following very close behind. The messaging platform has already shown that when experimented with, you can attract new users with shorter engaging content. Feeling inspired? You can learn more about marketing to millennials at Relative Link’s Snapchat for Business Introductory Class this week. There you will learn about the opportunities which Snapchat can bring for your business or brand, and how the platform works. Snapchat