This week Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of monthly active users (MAU’s). Instagram has more than 300m active users, who are sharing 70m photos and videos every day. 100m of which joined in the last 10 months, making 2014 an important year in Instagram’s growth. The platform has also rolled out advertising amongst selected top UK brands including Channel 4, Starbucks UK and Waitrose. Twitter currently has approximately 16m less monthly active users than Instagram. However, 2014 was also a big year of growth for the platform too, with users increasing from 241m to 284m. According to Twitter’s figure report which they released last month, 500m tweets are sent per day, 80% of Twitter users are on mobile and 77% are outside of the USA. Twitter does not seem to be too worried about Instagram overtaking them on MAU’s. Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and board member, told Fortune Magazine: “If you think about the impact Twitter has on the world versus Instagram, it’s pretty significant. It’s at least apples to oranges. Twitter is what we wanted it to be. It’s this realtime information network where everything in the world that happens on Twitter—important stuff breaks on Twitter and world leaders have conversations on Twitter. If that’s happening, I frankly don’t give a shit if Instagram has more people looking at pretty pictures.” At the moment Twitter is concentrating on growing it’s ad revenue, having rolled out new advert creatives such as Twitter Cards and new audience targeting options. “Twitter makes a hell of a lot more money than Instagram, if that’s what Wall Street cares about,” he added. It will be interesting to see how Instagram strengthens its advertising offering in 2015. Twitter-Cards Let us know what you think about this news by getting in touch