Instagram did what we’ve been asking the Universe for all along… Give us more time! Jokes aside, the platform has decided to increase video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, creating a big opportunity for brands. What does Instagram’s 60-second update mean for your brand? Nicky Woodhouse, video director and founder of Woodhouse TV, told Avocado Social: “The time is right for a big brand to take advantage of the update and create a branded content series. Something that will enhance their brand values and get people excited and coming back for more.” NIKE A report from Engadget says that the number of people watching video on Instagram jumped 40% in the last six months. This could explain Instagram’s move to optimise viewership metrics that keep users in the feed. It also seems that 60 seconds is ‘the magic length’. Another study, by video analytics firm Tubular Labs & Reel SEO, found that the average duration of a top Facebook video is about 90 seconds. On YouTube, peaks of viewership happen normally at the one-minute mark. Instagram’s 60-second update seems to be a very sensible move!

What does this mean for your brand?

The new time limit will add the challenge to keep your content even more interesting. The length of videos has increased but your audiences’ focus hasn’t. You don’t have to use all the time offered. If you do, remember to keep your content engaging. Don’t try and fill the minute time slot just because it’s available. Invest in some video editing apps such as:
  • Squaready: makes your videos square with a white background or all-around border for an artsy look.
  • InstaVid: creates picture and video collages.
  • InstaVideo: helps you add music to your videos.
  • Boomerang and Hyperlapse: help you create sped-up or looped videos.
  • YouTube Capture: allows you to grab a YouTube clip of yours for Instagram.
If your project and budget will allow, it’s with considering outsourcing your content creation. A video production agency like can help you get ROI by ensuring your videos stand out and get shared. Remember to be consistent with your content and aesthetics. Start a regular Instagram video series. Test ideas before you post them, and once you have your favourite design preferences, stick to them. Eventually, your customers will recognize your brand right away. Despite many brands like Airbnb having excellent one-minute brand films already on their YouTube channel, it’s interesting that no brand is seemingly reposting this content on Instagram. Nor have any engaged with producing content especially for the 60-second format.

“The curious thing about Instagram updates is that as they don’t announce them till they go live brands and their content creators have to play catch up, as they have in effect moved the goalposts. It will be fascinating to see who takes up the mantel and leads the pack with the first viral Instagram video series.” said Woodhouse.

Great Examples

You can however learn from very good examples of Instagram branded videos, such as Nike’s user generated photos that are edited together into a time-lapse, GoPro’s slick and exciting visuals shot and edited in a really interesting way, and Oreo’s great use of simple animation. OREO Want to learn more about how to use Instagram’s 60-second function for your business? Join our Advanced Social Media Workshop on 13th July.  And don’t forget to join the discussion in our Facebook Group, the Avocado Social Media Hub.