Unfortunately this week I had a rather disappointing experience at a Leon Restaurant in Victoria. The wrap which I’d ordered to warm me up was far from hot, and so I took to Twitter to let them know. I’ve been to Leon a few times and always really enjoyed it, so I was quite surprised by the cold falafel.
A bad experience in-store turned into a good Twitter experience… Within 5 minutes (!) Leon replied with an apology and took the conversation to DM’s straight away. They were keen to find out more details, so they could make sure it didn’t happen to other customers. The person behind the account genuinely seemed concerned and keen to make things right.  They also took my postal address… DM-with-Leon Two days later, I received a humble postcard and a handwritten post-it note with another apology for the “whack wrap” (love it!) and a free meal, drink and side voucher. What a great surprise and I love the fact that it was so personal! Speed really is of the essence with customer service via social media and Leon absolutely nailed it! IMG_0440 What a great Twitter experience. Thanks Leon. Keep up the great work! Let us know what you think about by getting the discussion going in our Facebook Group, the Avocado Social Media Hub. Alternatively, if you need any help with your Twitter strategy please get in touch.