Awareness Days are a great reason for brands and employees to engage with their audiences online. Talking about your business, products, or services which relate to a relevant awareness day provides a great opportunity to align with social media trends. Here we summarise some of the key Social Media Awareness Days for September 2020. Scheduling campaigns as part of your Social Media Strategy to coincide with Social Media Awareness Days for September can, therefore, help to boost your brand’s online visibility. With this in mind, here is a summary of some of the key Awareness Days, and their respective Hashtag(s) taking place in September 2020.

September 2020

1st September
National Tofu Day
#NationalTofuDay #MeatFree National Tofu Day is the UK’s day to celebrate everything tofu and to encourage people to cook with meat-free alternatives
Love Lamb Week
#LoveLamb Love Lamb week takes place from 1-7th September each year.
2nd September
3rd September
4th September
National Wildlife Day
#NationalWildlifeDay National Wildlife Day encourages the increased awareness of animals around us and in the broader world. It’s also celebrated on 22nd February to commemorate Steve Irwin’s birthday
5th September
International Day of Charity
#Charity Day @IntDayOfCharity #charitydayUN The International Day of Charity is an international day observed annually on 5 September.
6th September
7th September
Zero Waste Week
#ZeroWasteWeek Zero Waste Week was founded by Rachelle Strauss in 2008 and began as a National UK Campaign. Campaigns last a week and take place annually during the first full week in September.
8th September
International Literacy Day
#internationalliteracyday This day aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities, and societies. Celebrations take place in several countries.
9th September
10th September
World Suicide Prevention Day
#WSPD #WSPD2020 World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides.
11th September
12th September
World First Aid Day
#WorldFirstAidDay On the second Saturday of September each year, more than 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world organise events and ceremonies on the second Saturday of September to raise public awareness of how first aid can save lives in everyday and crisis situations.
13th September
14th September
National Quiet Day
#QuietDayUK National Quiet Day aims to address this often undiscussed problem of too much noise in our everyday lives, if only by making us more mindful
15th September
International Day of Democracy
#InternationalDemocracyDay #DemocracyDay The International Day of Democracy is celebrated around the world on 15 September each year. It was established by the UN General Assembly in 2007, encouraging governments to strengthen and consolidate democracy.
16th September
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
#OzoneDay #ozoneday2020 #OzoneHeroes International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer takes place on 16th September each year. The date commemorates the date, in 1987, on which nations signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
17th September
18th September
19th September
British Food & Drink Fortnight
A celebration of British food and drink which runs from 19th September to 4th October 2020
20th September
21st September
World Peace Day
#PeaceDay #WorldPeaceDay #WorldPeace The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed annually on 21 September.
22nd September
23rd September
National Fitness Day
@FitnessDayUK National Fitness Day, 23rd September 2020, is a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles.
24th September
World Maritime Day
#WorldMaritimeDay International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrates World Maritime Day. The day focuses attention on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security, and the marine environment and emphasises a particular aspect of IMO’s work.
25th September
26th September
27th September
World Tourism Day
#WorldTourismDay World Tourism Day is commemorated annually on 27th September. Its purpose is to create awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political, and economic importance.
28th September
Healthy Eat Week
#bnfhew2020 BNF Healthy Eating Week runs from 28th September to 4th October 2020. The aim of the Week is to bring the UK together for a week, focusing on key health messages and promoting healthy habits. Each day has a different theme.
World Rabies Day
#RabiesPrevention #RabiesEndsHere World Rabies Day is an international awareness campaign coordinated by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control
29th September
30th September
World School Milk Day
#WSMD2020 Countries around the world celebrate World School Milk day to celebrate the health benefits of school milk programmes.
We hope that you will find relevant Social Media Awareness Days for September 2020 which align with your brand. Stay on top of all upcoming awareness days, social media news, and best practice by visiting the Avocado Social Blog and by joining the Avocado Social Media Hub.