Social Media networking is constantly evolving. Whether you are new to or have experience in using, there’s always an update waiting around the corner for us all to get familiar with. So with all of these networks and not enough time to explore them all, we have given you a quick guide on what you can post and where.


Twelve years in, Facebook still stands strong when it comes to social media presence. The social network allows you to create your own page and direct traffic solely to your business. Not only that, you can also create groups allowing you and your audience to connect over information as well as getting a chance to promote your product and/or brand.

What to post: Videos, Images, Text, Polls

Share content with: Instagram

Twitter Short, sweet and still allowing 140 characters in length, micro-blogging site Twitter is one of the quickest portals for the latest trends, news and more. From Twitter polls to trending topics, your business can benefit from sharing content. Retweet the latest news within your industry, share an informative article and of course, promote your business.

What to post: Hashtags, Text, Polls

Share content with: Tumblr


It’s quick, it’s fast, and it’s addictive. It’s Snapchat. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the mobile-only app allows you to share videos up to ten seconds in length as well as snapshots of you and your surroundings lasting up to 24 hours. The app would be perfect for short impactful campaigns and live event coverage.

What to post: Short-clips, Live updates

Share content with: Instagram & Facebook


Photo and video sharing app Instagram sports over 400 million active users that you can get your ‘likes’ from. The app also available on desktop, allows you to share videos up to 15-seconds in length along with images. In addition to this, Instagram have developed a few other apps – Layout to add extra effects to your images and Boomerang allowing you to edit your video content.

What to post: Images and short clips

Share content with: Tumblr & Facebook


Want to keep your audience in touch with your business live and direct as the action happens? video streaming app Periscope could be the choice for you. The app available to stream on mobile and desktop, allows you to stream from wherever you want for however long you want. Your audience will be able to comment during the live feed as well as share the link stream amongst their peers. Periscope is great for things such as: product launch events, live Q&A’s, performances and more.

What to post: Live videos

Share content with: Facebook & Twitter

What other social media networks do you use? Would you give any of our selection a try? Experiment with your social media today.