There have been some brilliant Social Media Podcasts in 2020 that cover all aspects of social media and brand marketing. Particularly since lockdown has forced everyone to embrace the digital realm. We’ve been involved in some great podcasts already this year, with more scheduled in over the next few months. Here are our favourites that our founder, Alison Battisby has been a guest on so far.

1. Digital Marketing Institute’s Ahead of the Game Podcast. 🎙️

The Ahead of the Game podcast is created by The Digital Marketing Institute. Every two weeks the host Will Francis meets a guest to explore all aspects of their digital marketing expertise. He also talks about soft skills like presentation and productivity techniques, that we could all learn from. Alison Battisby joined Will Francis for Episode 5 of the series. In it they explore; How To Foster Social Media Communities around your Brand? Alison discusses how brands can create real value in their social media presence and earn a loyal community.

2. Heineken’s KEG TALKS Podcast. 🎙️

HEINEKEN launched a series of podcasts in June 2020, called Keg Talks. The podcasts offer expert advice to pub operators on navigating lockdown. In each episode, an independent expert or operator shares their advice on overcoming the challenges facing the hospitality sector during this time. In Episode 4, Alison joining Mark McCulloch from Supersonic Inc to talk about Building your brand online and through social media. This podcast was recorded before (some) pubs reopened on 4th July. Alison and Mark shared their advice on how to optimise online presence to reach people within your community, and the best tools to help you do this.

3. Hot Trends in Social Media for 2020. 🎙️

It seems like a long time ago now… But back in January, we went to Brighton and sat down with Mark McCulloch of Supersonic Inc to predict the 20 hot trends for social media in 2020. Alison shared her thoughts on what you should be concentrating your efforts on in social media for 2020. As well as tips to share with your teams to improve your business. We think there are 20 tips but we lost track at around point 13… You can listen to the podcast here or watch the full episode on YouTube.
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