Welcoming in a new year is the time for us all to make resolutions and set goals for the year ahead.

We all know by now how important it is to set goals in social media, like in all areas of business. With this in mind, we asked the Avocado Social Media Hub and our Instagram followers about their social media resolutions for 2019.

My resolution is to give more creative apps and tools a go. Last year I got myself into a routine of using the same tried and tested ones over and over. There are so many amazingly creative tools out there to explore and play with and in 2019 I want to take full advantage!

But what did others tell us about their resolutions?

With so many platform updates in 2018, and even more whispered for 2019, there is an increasing number of features for people to keep on top of. We thought that this would result in a variety of response.

Whilst some people, like Karen L Condensado wished for platform updates – “I wish Instagram would allow us to search hashtag AND location!” the one thing people are overwhelmingly focused on is content. The quality of the content they are creating and posting, and the regularity of posting it.

Giulia Ruffoni, from Meyer Group says her resolution is “to have a long pipeline of content at the ready and anticipate crunch times so I don’t end up not-posting ‘because life got busy’.”

Gabrielle Kirby from We Are Spectacular aims to take inspiration from other industries and keep track of design/applications she likes.

Joel Stone from Squeak, a design agency based in Shropshire, told us he wants his team to “schedule less and be more current and take advantage of the various creative tools available to them.”

Improving our understanding of platforms and their functionality is another key consideration. For example, Giulia Ruffoni said she wants to “start properly understanding Ads Manager and finally bending it to my wishes.”

Reading the responses to our question has resulted in adding another resolution to my list; to be better at listening to our community. Social Media platforms are two-way channels of communication that allow us to listen to our community and better understand their challenges so that we can better position our businesses to help address them.