We were so pleased this month when Hootsuite, our favourite social media scheduling tool, launched its new Instagram Scheduler. ‘Can you schedule Instagram?’ is one of our top asked questions in training sessions! The top requested feature will now help us to manage multiple Instagram accounts, without having to keep logging in and logging out on our mobiles. It also means we can line up Instagram content to go out at certain times and days of our choice. All you need to do is save images on your desktop, and add them to Hootsuite as you would when writing a tweet. Once you have written the copy and added in your hashtags, you simply select the post to be scheduled via Instagram. instagram-and-hootsuite   The only slightly annoying this is that Hootsuite posts a notification on your mobile, and you do still need to be around when the post is scheduled to go out, as it will open the post ready in Instagram on your phone for you to add filters, locations and tag anyone before you can post. This is Instagram’s issue not Hootsuite’s. After testing it for two weeks we’ve found that it does cut down on time and helps you to feel more organised on Instagram. However, you do need to make sure you are logged in to the correct account on your phone at the time of posting! To find out more details about how it works, and getting set up, visit the Hootsuite blog here.