The social media industry moves at lightening pace. New features launch, algorithms change, and visual trends emerge – it’s tough for any social media manager to keep up!

Avocado Social will be your expert partner to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing so you can successfully grow your brand. 

The Avocado Social Membership is ongoing monthly support, designed specifically to –   

  • Keep you up to date with the latest trends so that you can get the best return on the effort put into social media
  • Inspire you to create better social media campaigns
  • Expand the knowledge of your social media team, helping you to grow and nurture the talent of your in-house team.
  • Develop your social media strategy by partnering with a social media director who has 15 years’ experience working with a variety of household brands
  • Guid you to successfully implement paid social media campaigns to get maximum ROI.
  • Implement effective measurement so you can better understand your audience wants and prove the value of social media for your brand.
  • Answer all of your burning questions

The Avocado Social Membership is the perfect way to reinvigorate your social media marketing strategy, whilst saving you time and money in 2023.

Who is it for?

Individuals and teams responsible for social media marketing.

What is included?

Social Media Audit & Strategy Review

We will review your current social media activity assessing:

  • Your social media strategy
  • Current platforms being used and their effectiveness
  • Appearance and setup of channels
  • Quality of content and engagement
  • A review of your recent campaign and the reports supplied
  • Tone of voice
  • The current social media policy for staff

We will make clear and concise suggestions for improvements & updates, covering:

  • Your key objectives and KPI metrics to measure success
  • Platform set up and first impressions
  • Practical branding advice around your activity and tone of voice
  • Content pillars and content ideas
  • Processes and posting
  • Inventory of content
  • Suggested growth tactics
  • Social media advertising
  • Employee engagement
  • Tools, apps and software to use for social media output

Monthly Consultancy Call

  • A monthly 1-hour Zoom call with our Founder, Alison Battisby
  • Each session will be scheduled at an agreed time once a calendar month
  • Analysis of past social media activity, support on your strategy and answers to your burning social media questions

Monthly Social Media Marketing Broadcasts

  • Members have guaranteed access to all of our monthly Social Media Marketing updates
  • Monthly broadcasts are delivered by Alison Battisby
  • All broadcasts are 60 minutes plus time for Q&A.
  • You can register for our next 2023 broadcasts schedule is here

Recordings will be available in the Avocado Social Clubhouse and our YouTube channel

Avocado Social Clubhouse

  • Access to our Premium Facebook Group, exclusive to Avocado Social members.
  • The Group is kept up to date with tips, news story or tool recommendation from the Avocado Social team. Members are welcome to start discussions, ask questions or share their own learnings with others.

How much is it?

From £249 + VAT per calendar month


Alison at Avocado Social

Our happy


Avocado Social has given our franchisees the tools to better identity social media advertising opportunities, but also made them understand the importance and power of social media marketing.

Andrea Stavrinidou, Wagamama International Franchinse Ltd.

It was great to great Avocado Social’s insight into the world of Instagram. The team has come away with great tips and a clear strategy of how we can use this platform to enhance our content.

Mona Lukha, Head of ITV Weather

Avocado Social delivered a well-structured in-house session for us that was really clear and accessible for the whole team.

Sarah Spurr, Skills for Care

Avocado Social really knows their stuff and the content on our training day was super valuable. Thanks very much for giving us loads of ideas!

Julian Ross, Wireless Social


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