LinkedIn has launched a new set of tools designed to empower its Premium subscribers to find quicker, richer insights about the companies they want to target. It can help you make informed business decisions. This is LinkedIn Premium Insights. Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.34.13

Courtesy of LinkedIn & Social Times

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It will soon be acquired by Microsoft in a historic multi-billion dollar deal. LinkedIn has allowed Business Plus, Sales Navigator, and some Talent Solutions subscribers to be able to access a new level of insight. LinkedIn product leader and strategist Megan Kamil wrote at its launch last week, the uses of Premium Insights ‘‘[…] are limitless. From the market research associate gathering relevant information on key market and competitive landscapes to the investment professional trying to uncover the next ‘hot’ company, this information will be valuable to any business professional”. Here’s a breakdown of how the new features will help small businesses.

Total employee count

It allows a deeper dive into a company’s growth trends. It can be used to identify or qualify investment targets or potential business partners. You can also look at a company’s staff turnover and even where incoming executives are being hired from.

Employee distribution by function

This feature allows a greater understanding of a company’s structure based on departments. You’ll be able to ascertain a company’s stage of growth based on which functions are growing fastest.

New hires

Paints a picture of how fast a company is growing and in which areas, with a focus on the moves of senior management. Uncover breakout companies, new business areas the company is investing in, or gauge seasonal demands based on new hiring trends.

Notable Alumni

Users can see where a company’s former senior talent has been employed, allowing them to identify opportunities with new companies.

Total job openings

It allows users to have a better understanding of how a company plans to grow by function and seniority. Here at Avocado Social we’re interested to see how the tools develop and the value they add for users. Are you interested in knowing more about how to successfully use LinkedIn? We’re hosting a FREE webinar on the 14th of July at 1pm on the opportunities LinkedIn offers for business. We’ll explore case studies, and give you the chance to take part in a live Q & A session. Sign up for your free place here. Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 14.30.42