Avocado Social’s founder Alison Battisby has been teaching at General Assembly in London since 2015. This summer (2017) she is expanding her social media classes to reach all abilities. The new classes include:

Social Media for Startups

This is a 3 -hour session designed to give entrepreneurs a social media tool kit to strengthen their understanding of how to use each social media platform to its strengths and how to create an effective strategy for their brand. We will examine best in class examples to provide inspiration and provide a clear understanding of how to use free tools and tested techniques to grow a social media community.

Picture This! Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the hottest apps out there and just waiting for your business to take advantage. Its user base is huge and highly motivated to buy. But how do you acquire followers? And how do you convert those followers into buyers? We’ll explore how to build an engaging Instagram account that works for your business.

Social Media Strategy Mapping

Social media initiatives don’t start when you register a Facebook or Twitter account and start posting announcements. It begins much sooner. In this workshop, we’ll take you through a 6-step methodology to develop an actionable social media strategy. You’ll learn how to structure your social media, deploy resources, and ultimately launch a professional campaign.

Social Media Advertising

As social media evolves, many of the platforms now offer interesting and effective ways to get in front of your exact target audience. In this workshop, we’ll explore how Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Advertising allow you to purchase adverts, how you go about setting up adverts, what they look like, and looking at some great (and not so great) examples of how UK brands are using the platforms. We’ll also be discussing what kind of budgets work well, and how to measure the success of your adverts. The classes include a broad range of strategies and practical tips for small business owners, marketing executives, and freelancers of all abilities working in all kinds of industries. The classes take place at General Assembly’s gorgeous space in Aldgate and usually take place in the evening from 6-9pm. You can book your places here. A full list of upcoming workshops is available here.