Did you know that Instagram now has more users worldwide than Twitter? Yes, over 300 million users. It’s the fastest growing social media platform and is growing in popularity all the time. We like Instagram because you don’t need to put too much text next to each picture, letting the images speak for themselves. Clever hashtag use allows your images to be seen by more people, and the filters and effects make your photographs look so professional. We have a few favourite apps that we’ve been trying out too, which are all free. They are: 1. Repost for Instagram Reposting on Instagram is the equivalent of a retweet on Twitter. The Repost app allows you to republish another user’s Instagram picture to your own account and adds a small credit to your image so that you are not ripping off their beautiful shots. 2. Layout Layout is Instagram’s brand new collage app which came out this March. It allows you to design your own collage layouts and display your Instagram snaps in an appealing way. 3. Latergramme Latergramme is a scheduling app for Instagram. It’s pretty straight forward to use and means that you don’t have to publish everything in the moment. You can post a year in advance if you want to! Though we wouldn’t recommend doing this, as it’s quite likely the post will not be relevant next year. Finally, if you haven’t discovered Iconosquare yet, the brilliant desktop Instagram management tool, then we’d seriously recommend checking it out. It allows you to manage comments and likes, reply within desktop, report and generally track your account activity. Oh, and it’s free! Enjoy taking plenty of Instagram snaps this Easter! bunnies-1024x607