LinkedIn Pulse is the news and insights area of LinkedIn, where you can easily explore professional blog content that’s relevant for you. Whether it’s a commentator within your industry, a fellow colleague, or Richard Branson, you select what kind of content you’d like to see by choosing relevant themes. The other feature within Pulse is the LinkedIn Publishing Platform which gives any user the ability to self publish their own content to the social network. These posts can get massive exposure, particularly if you have a large number of connections on LinkedIn. Infact, the posts can deliver more impressions and engagement than if you published the same piece of content on your website – so it’s worth duplicating content from your company blog to LinkedIn too. If your article is getting a huge amount of engagement, it’s possible that LinkedIn will publish it in one of the categories on Pulse or, even on the homepage (although this is rare).   LinkedIn-Pulse-1024x683 If you are thinking about posting content to LinkedIn Publishing Platform then it can be a great way to reach more like minded people, gauge the popularity of your content and find out what resonates with your target audience. LinkedIn offers the following advice: “LinkedIn is an ideal platform to develop and strengthen your professional identity by sharing your knowledge and expertise in your job. It will be tied to your professional profile. The focus on your professional life is what differentiates it from other social media networks. Please keep this in mind when writing your long-form posts.” To Post An Article To get going, simply click on any content that already exists within Pulse. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply click on this article link, ‘7 Ways Highly Successful People Achieve More‘. In the top right hand corner you should see a yellow button called ‘Write A New Post’. From here, it’s extremely straight forward. Simply write and edit your post, and when you are ready hit Publish. You must add an image, otherwise the post will look unofficial and won’t catch the user’s attention. You will be able to see the article on your personal LinkedIn profile, but remember to share it across other social media channels too such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. LinkedIn-Button-300x96What To Post About If you are stuck for content ideas, then here are a few tips from Avocado Social:
  • You are looking to share your professional expertise, so writing about your industry is recommended. Whether that’s tips, advice, trend forecasting or case studies; it needs to be up to date, relevant, and most importantly – interesting to your target audience.
  • LinkedIn does not want you to use these posts for advertisements and promotions for events, products, or services. No one wants to read an advert here either.
  • Keep your voice conversational and authentic. Don’t be afraid to offer your own opinion, no matter how controversial!
  • Upload pictures, videos, presentations, and documents to add to your content. It helps bring your insights to life and is a good way to showcase concrete examples of your experience.
  • Make sure your headline is engaging, as this is the chance you have to entice people to read your article.
  • There is no word limit, but according to LinkedIn, the long-form posts that are best received are more than three paragraphs in length.
For more ideas, see LinkedIn’s post ‘The 7 secrets to writing killer content on LinkedIn‘ (We’ve noticed people tend to love Buzzfeed style lists too!).