As new social media networks continue to sprout, the ones that already exist may not seem as high up on the priority list. That does not mean that they should be ignored. Networks like Facebook are still constantly working through new updates – updates that you and your business can take advantage of. So how can you transform your business Facebook Page to bring it up to date? We have three possible answers:

1. Run a competition


One way to help your audience engage with you is through running a competition. That way, you can increase engagement metrics as well as give your consumers an incentive for their loyalty. A brilliant example of this comes from Mallow & Marsh‘s Facebook page. Each week, the confectionery brand run their #MallowMondays campaign, giving away the chance to win a selection of their product. All in exchange for a page like and comment. Remember, you can host Terms and Conditions on a blog post or on your website.

2. Create a video

Huffington Post’s UK Politics‘ page not only share their informative articles on their social media accounts. They also share video content. News content is condensed right down into 30 seconds along with captioning to maximise engagement. Other examples of this can be found from the BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable and many more.

3. Engage through Photo 

Popular hamburger restaurant chain Byron are able to entice their loyal customers with photo proof of what they can enjoy at the restaurant through their Facebook page. Combining images of what they know their customers love the most – their delicious burgers and usually a quip of comedy in their captions, the brand promote their special offers with the help of a camera. Byron-Hamburger What else could you do to improve your Facebook page? Do you need to increase engagement? Are you using a variety of posts, such as photos and videos? These three example should help you decide which path you’d like to take with your social media to give it the transformation it needs.