Exploring Instagram’s Latest Features to Boost Engagement

May 24, 2024

Instagram continues to innovate, introducing new features designed to make the platform more engaging and interactive. These recent updates aim to keep users actively involved rather than passively scrolling through their feeds. Let’s dive into these exciting features and how they can enhance your Instagram experience.


Text on Image Posts: Simplifying On-the-Go Editing

One of the most intriguing features currently being tested is the ability to add text directly onto image posts within the Instagram app. This new tool simplifies the editing process, enabling users to create in-app memes, make point-of-view statements, and add engaging text overlays quickly and easily. This feature is still in the testing phase, and its global rollout will depend on user feedback.


New Reels Features: Encouraging Shares and Continued Viewing

Instagram has introduced two new buttons at the end of Reels: ‘Watch More Reels’ and ‘Share.’ These buttons appear prominently once a Reel finishes playing, encouraging users to continue watching more Reels or share the content they enjoyed. This update highlights the increasing importance of shares in Instagram’s algorithm, aiming to boost content visibility through user engagement.


Interactive Stickers: Making Stories More Engaging

Instagram has also rolled out four new interactive stickers, designed to make stories more engaging and interactive. These stickers are currently available on personal accounts and are expected to reach business accounts soon. Here’s a closer look at each one:

  1. Add Your Music: This sticker allows users to reply to stories with a song, offering a musical engagement option for those who love sharing their favourite tunes.
  2. Polaroid Frame: Launched at Coachella, this feature lets users create Polaroid-style photos with an automatic timestamp. Viewers must shake their phones to reveal the photo, adding a nostalgic and interactive element to stories.
  3. Question Reveal: Users can ask a question in their story, and responders will reveal a hidden photo by replying. This sticker encourages deeper interaction by prompting viewers to engage directly with the content.
  4. Shake to Reveal: Similar to the Polaroid frame, this sticker requires viewers to shake their phones to unveil the content, creating a more dynamic viewing experience.


The Push for Interactivity

All these updates reflect Instagram’s shift towards fostering active engagement rather than passive consumption. By integrating features that prompt actions like shaking, replying, or adding music, Instagram aims to make the user experience more interactive and immersive.


How to Leverage These New Features

To make the most of these updates, consider the following strategies:

  • Utilise Text on Image Posts: Start adding text overlays to your images to create eye-catching and shareable content.
  • Encourage Reel Shares: Use compelling calls-to-action in your Reels to prompt viewers to share your content.
  • Incorporate Interactive Stickers: Engage your audience by using the new stickers in your stories, prompting them to interact in fun and creative ways.

By staying updated with these features and incorporating them into your content strategy, you can enhance your engagement and connect more effectively with your audience on Instagram.

This blog was written using content from our Social Media Marketing Update for May 2024.


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