Navigating LinkedIn’s Company InMail: A Game Changer for Business Communications

Jul 7, 2023

If you’ve been keeping a pulse on the rumblings of social media trends, you might have heard the buzz around LinkedIn’s newest feature, Company InMail. After a period of speculation and anticipation, the professional networking giant recently confirmed the rumours – Company InMail is indeed live and progressively rolling out globally.

So, what’s all the excitement about? Let’s dive in.

LinkedIn’s Company InMail: Bridging the Communication Gap

In essence, Company InMail has revolutionised the way businesses and individuals can connect on LinkedIn. The feature offers private inboxes for company pages, providing an avenue for LinkedIn members to initiate private conversations with organizations.

The current structure allows users to send a direct message to a company, and while the company cannot instigate these conversations, they can respond, making this a two-way communication channel. Communication between company pages, however, is yet to be supported.


A Promising Outlook

Despite a relatively slow rollout, particularly noticeable in the UK, the anticipation surrounding Company InMail is palpable. LinkedIn appears to be guiding users to use this feature with clear intent, focusing on specific requests such as service or demo requests.

An interesting aspect of this feature is its customisation – businesses can choose to toggle the messaging feature on or off. This degree of control provides companies with the ability to manage their inboxes and reduce the influx of unsolicited messages or sales pitches.


Company Pages and InMail Campaigns

As we familiarise ourselves with Company InMail, it’s interesting to note another relatively quiet update from LinkedIn. The platform has subtly introduced the capability for company pages to run InMail inbox message campaigns. This introduces a new possibility for reaching target audiences.

However, before you jump on board with this marketing avenue, consider the user’s perspective. Often, sponsored messages or paid InMails are perceived as spammy, and they might not be the best way to engage your audience.


Exploring Alternatives

Given the potential pushback from InMail campaigns, it’s advisable to explore other marketing methods on LinkedIn. For instance, LinkedIn video advertising campaigns have shown promising results, offering a compelling alternative for your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


Final Thoughts

As we navigate the new terrain carved out by LinkedIn’s Company InMail, it’s clear that this feature brings new opportunities and challenges. It’s a tool worth exploring and integrating into your social media strategy.


This blog was written using content discussed during our Social Media Marketing Update – June 2023. The full video recording is available on our YouTube Channel. 

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