Threads Gains Momentum with Exciting New Features

May 24, 2024

Threads, the newest social media app from Meta, is rapidly gaining popularity. With numerous signposts from existing Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, more people are joining Threads than ever before. Here’s a look at the latest updates and features that are driving this growth.


Fact-Checking and Content Moderation

One significant update on Threads is the introduction of third-party partners for fact-checking and reviewing content. This move positions Threads as a safer and more reliable platform compared to X (formerly Twitter), which is known for its lax content moderation. With upcoming general elections in the UK and US, this feature is crucial. Fact-checkers can now rate content and downgrade false information, ensuring a trustworthy user experience.


Rapid User Growth

Threads has seen a substantial increase in users, gaining an additional 20 million users since February, bringing the total to around 150-160 million monthly active users. Although this is impressive for a platform that is less than two years old, it still lags behind X’s 550 million users. Nonetheless, Threads is on a fast track to becoming a significant player in the social media landscape.


Incentives for High-Profile Creators

To boost engagement, Threads is offering financial incentives to high-profile creators. Big names like Taylor Swift have joined the platform, with creators receiving up to $5,000 for posting on Threads. This strategy not only attracts celebrities but also drives their massive fanbases to the platform, increasing overall user activity.


Seamless Integration with Instagram

Another update includes the ability to share content directly from Instagram to Threads. This seamless integration encourages more posting and engagement on Threads, leveraging Instagram’s vast user base to drive traffic to the new platform.


Post View Counts

Threads will soon allow users to see how many views each of their posts receives, similar to X. This feature, tested by industry trendspotter Matt Navara, showed promising results with significantly higher view counts compared to X. This transparency will enable businesses and creators to better compare engagement metrics across platforms, providing valuable insights for their social media strategies.


As Threads continues to roll out new features and grow its user base, it is becoming a formidable competitor to X. With its focus on safety, user incentives, and integration with Meta’s existing platforms, Threads is well on its way to reshaping the social media landscape in 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates and strategies on how to make the most of Threads for your social media marketing efforts.

This blog was written using content from our Social Media Marketing Update for May 2024.


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